FAQ - Competitors

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Q1: What is this year’s competition challenge?

  • We’ll focus on how to improve the quality of life in Georgia by leveraging the state’s strengths. In January, we will unveil a challenge statement bank that identifies specific factors that shape life in Georgia, pain points related to each factor, and resources that can be leveraged to solve them. Teams will have the creative freedom to springboard from there.

Q2: How many people can be on a team?

  • At least two and no more than four - all need to be currently enrolled as full-time or part-time students in a Georgia college or university at the time of the Jan 25-27 competition.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Each team member needs to complete an application.

  • Your team must be registered on the team panel in the application website.

Q3a: Is there a limit for how many teams from the same school can apply?

  • No, we welcome as many teams from each school that want to compete!

Q3b: Can my team included students from different universities?

  • Yes, but you'll only compete for the category you enter and your respective schools won't earn points for the Grand Championship. 

Q4: Can my team apply for more than one category?

  • Yes, but we encourage you to do so only if your team has the capabilities for each category. While we will take it into consideration, we cannot guarantee that teams will receive their top choice, so be prepared compete in any category you put in your application.

Q5: How many teams will compete in January and where?

  • Eight teams will compete within each of the categories with a total of 24 teams gathering to compete in The Garage at Tech Square in midtown Atlanta.

  • Teams will have 24/7 access to the venue from start to finish.

  • Food, beverages, and snacks will be provided.

Q6: How will you determine which teams to invite as competitors?

  • We seek teams comprised of individuals that demonstrate the ability to create cohesive ideas and solutions in a limited time.

Q7: Does our team need to have worked together before?

  • Not necessarily. We will use previous collaborations as a tiebreaker element when making our selections.

Q8: How will you judge each category?

  • All three categories require teams to have a clear problem identified and a functioning novel solution for it.

  • We will unveil the specific judging criteria for each category on the first night of the competition.

  • Expectations for each category are as follows:

    • Coding teams must have functioning code.

    • Case study teams must submit a presentation deck and/or written report.

    • Design teams must present a prototype or poster presentation.

Q9: What resources will be available to competing teams?

  • In January, we will unveil a robust online resource library that includes relevant data and reports about Georgia’s strengths. We will also provide you with access to industry experts and thought leaders in the weeks leading up to and during the competition. Teams will also have access to the HackGT hardware lab.

Q10: Can we bring previous work product to the competition?

  • True to the spirit of hackathons, you may not submit your past projects to the Collegiate Cup. Using prior work will result in a disqualification.

Q11: Who are the winners?

  • There will be one winning team per category as well as one overall event winner, aka the Grand Champion.

Q12: How will you determine the Grand Champion?

  • We will tabulate the composite scores by adding up the category rankings for each school’s teams, input from our judging panel, and peer voting from each competing team.

Q13: What are the prizes?

  • For the Category Champions, we will issue a cash prize directly and evenly to individual team members. For the Grand Champion prize, we will award that to the institution’s general scholarship fund of the winning team.

Q14: If teams from the same school get invited to compete, do they need to work on the same problem-solution?

  • No, they can work on separate problems. If teams choose to work on the same problems, they cannot work together. As stated above, we will prove a set of challenge statements in January from which teams can choose to solve.

Q15: What is the selection process timeline?

  • We will review each team’s application in early December. Teams that make it to the second round will need to fill out another round of questions by mid-December. From that pool, we will select the top 24 teams and send their invitations to compete in early January (no later than January 11).

FAQ - Community

Q16: Who’s behind the Collegiate Cup?

  • Sandbox Communities (creators of and, and is the owner of the competition and produces it in partnership with HackGT.

Q17: Are there any sponsors?

  • Yes, Honeywell is the presenting sponsor and Georgia Centers of Innovation is the judging sponsor.

Q18: Can I sponsor the event?

  • Yes, sponsorship opportunities are currently available. Please reach out to us at for more details.

Q19: Are there any other ways to get involved?

  • Yes, your organization can become a Community Partner and help us reach a wider audience and bring in more talent by promoting through your website, social media, email newsletter, posting flyers, handing out postcards, and more. We provide you with a full digital promo toolkit and you can choose which tools to deploy. It’s designed to be plug-and-play for you. Contact to join the team.

Q20: What do we get for becoming a Community Partner?

  • We will list your organization on our Community Partner page. Plus, you can send a representative to attend the opening and closing ceremonies and see what the Collegiate Cup is all about.

Q21: What is the best thing my organization can do to help?

  • Encourage teams to apply. Reach out to college students and college organizations in your community that you think would like to compete. We want the top teams and talent from across the state.